Karaoke Gumbo

Lydia met Kizzy soon after she started working at the comedy club. They were introduced through a mutual friend, a gay redneck from Texas named Cody who swore up and down that these two girls would vibe. “You have gotttttttt to meet Lydia, Kizzy! You’re going to love her!” And queerly enough, Cody the gay redneck was right: Kizzy fell in love with Lydia the

Roped In

Lydia was already living with her college Boyfriend when she began working at Simon’s comedy club. Simon was tall, dark, and insane. Lydia was blonde, buxom, and lured by crazy. By the time she realized the extent of Simon’s malevolence, it was too late to escape. She was a small-town girl who had come to Manhattan from a Southern bayou. Silly and naïve in many