Home Unsweet Home

Lydia knew it couldn’t be good news because the call came in the middle of the night. And it was from her cousin Tiffany, the family member who only called Lydia when one of their relatives was about to die, or a relative’s funeral had already been scheduled. Lydia knew her daddy was in the hospital. She’d talked to him earlier in the week. He

Staff Infection

Lydia sat at the bar reading over the lines for her audition as Simon readied his venue. He rubbed each glass meticulously with a bar towel before hanging them back in the overhead rack. It was the third time he’d cleaned them today. Then he made Lydia move her stool so he could dust and polish the bar again before heading into the showroom where

Storm Shelter

Lydia laid with Kizzy in Kizzy’s amazingly comfortable queen-sized bed with fluffy pillows, listening to the rain splash dramatically against the metal fire escape outside her bedroom and upon the windowpanes. Candlelight flickered. Incense burned. Another clap of thunder rambled somewhere over the City, ferocious and loud, causing them to snuggle one another even more closely. Or if you ask Kizzy, Lydia used the excuse

Day Three

Lydia awakened to the sound of Simon’s knuckles tapping on the bedroom door. “Good morning, babe! I brought you coffee.” She smiled. Simon usually woke her up with a cup of coffee in bed. She loved this. It made her feel special. “Come in,” she said. He opened the door, entered the guest room, handed her the coffee and kissed her forehead. “How did you

All in the Scam-ily

Simon decided it was time for Lydia to meet his family, so he rented a car and drove her up to his childhood home. She was very nervous about meeting his mom and dad. Simon was exacerbating her anxiety by barking orders of how she was to manipulate them.   “Do NOT tell my mother and father that you had to wait tables to put