Watch You Don’t Swallow

Simon brushed his teeth as he entered the bedroom. Too enthusiastic to wait, he tried to keep the toothpaste in his mouth and not swallow as he spoke. “I’m just saying, Lydia, I think I found my club! I want you to see it tomorrow night. If Kizzy hadn’t been such a cooze, I’d invite her to see it, too.” It had been a couple

One Night Out

There was a hot booked open mic that happened once a month at a funky Uptown spot. All the new and newish comedians wanted to do it. When Lydia and Cody were scheduled to appear on its October line-up, Simon and Kizzy went with them to the show. The four grabbed a booth in the back of the room. Simon immediately ordered drinks. Lydia was

Bottomless Bully

Kizzy suggested a new place on the Lower East Side for brunch. Lydia arrived early, put her name on the waitlist, and grabbed a Bloody Mary at the bar. This had been a long week of fights, flights, and funerals; the pre-breakfast cocktail was especially refreshing. She dug her notebook from her bag and started sifting through her scribbled thoughts until Kizzy showed. She didn’t

Leave It

Lydia called Simon around midnight after Tiffany left her grandparents’ home. And after she called Kizzy. “No, Lydia. It’s just not a good idea,” Simon Said. “But…” “I don’t want my girlfriend driving a pick-up truck around Manhattan, looking like an escaped Beverly Hillbilly.” “The Clampetts were from Tennessee and moved to California, not New York.” “Let’s not argue details, Lydia. I don’t want you