Trust the Process

“What exactly did she say?” Simon asked Lydia as she shut the bathroom door. “Ugh, hon! I already told you on the phone!” she yelled as she turned on the shower and began removing her clothes. He opened the door. “I don’t want you to have to yell,” he said. Lydia sighed as she stripped off her shirt, “She said it’s a ‘process’ and I

Angels and Anarchists

Lydia was thrilled! The bar owner asked her if she wanted to produce her show every week instead of monthly. “Kizzy, he said he wants me to produce every Sunday night!”  “Congratulations, baby! That’s awesome!” “I’m going to be able to give more spots to people. I’ll get so much more stage time! And guess what?” “What?” Kizzy said with a smile Lydia could hear

The Night the Lights Went Out in Jersey

“You were flirting with him!” Simon yelled at Lydia as he drove. “Simon, I wasn’t flirting with him,” she responded, looking out the window. “We were talking.” “No! You were flirting!” The headliner at the club this weekend was a super funny, friendly guy whom Lydia thought was great. She hadn’t flirted with him. She hadn’t even considered having sex with him. She just liked talking to

The Pain of Not Growing Pains

It was well after midnight when Simon arrived home from the new club in Jersey. Lydia was half-asleep when he entered their bedroom. Simon turned up the dimmer switch and kissed her on the forehead. “I’ll be right out of the shower. I need to wash tonight off me, Babe,” he said. “Something bad must’ve happened,” she thought. Simon rarely bathed at night. Lydia was