Cinema Non Veritas

Lydia was late to arrive at the club- by at least an hour. 

“Where were you?!” Simon demanded as she entered his office.

“I’m so sorry, honey. The show started late. And then we ran late; everybody did extra time. The crowd was hot. It was awesome! They were so much fun. I went over I didn’t mean to they were just so good! And after the show the headliner was trying to hook up and I drove him there so I ended up there even extra longer than I thought I would be.”

“Why didn’t you you tell him you needed to leave?”

“Because I thought we were leaving way sooner and didn’t know how complicated this would get. I mean, I was just supposed to drive him to the gig. I didn’t sign on to sit around to see if he can score pussy after the gig. But whatever I drove. So I sat there for a few hours waiting to see if he was going to hook up with this woman he kept calling ‘townie twat'”. 

“That’s so awful.”

“I know. It was horrible.”

“Have an Oxy.”

“No.Thanks, Simon.”

“Just take this.” he said reaching into his medicine cabinet.

She began to wash her face. When she’d finished, Simon had a towel, a pill, and a smile waiting for her. “Babe. Eat this.”

“So anyway I was stuck there waiting for him to seal the deal or get a ride back so that sucked.”

“You should have left him there.”

“He’s the headliner. I can’t leave him there. I’m the emcee getting booked cuz I have a car and he doesn’t.”

“He cant make you wait to see if he’s going to score after the show.”

“Apparently he can, though. He made me wait to see if he was going to get some before I could leave. He talked his whole set about what a dick he is to his wife. Then he made me sit there waiting for him to seal the deal with some drunk chick who kept saying he was so funny he was going to be the big thing.”

“You should’ve left.”

“Baby, I couldn’t leave the headliner. I drove him there.”

“Well”…Simon Said changing the subject, “l’m glad you’re here. I opened an email account for you tonight while i was waiting for you.”

“An email account?”

“Yeah. Like you know how the workers at my club can send each other emails linked together by the company website? Well now you can email people outside of work and I set up an email account for you. I would’ve waited for you but you took too long to get here. Come look at your account,” he said grinning at her. He never gave her the password to the account he set as her own. Reading other people’s emails without their consent is a federal crime. Sending emails in their name is a felony. Raiding their account for information to use against them is illegal. But Lydia trusted Simon. 

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